Cloud Security

Our cloud security transformation services prioritize threat detection and mitigation to minimize your organization's exposure to cyber risk.

As the cloud security threat landscape constantly evolves and becomes increasingly complex, enterprises struggle to determine their current cloud security approach and the necessary steps to improve it.

At Cloudster, we offer Cloud Security solutions that enhance your business by transforming your cloud strategy and elevating your security posture throughout every stage of the cloud adoption process. Our expertise in multi-cloud security and cloud-native solutions allow us to rapidly detect threats and address vulnerabilities in your cloud-hosted data, applications, and platforms.


Zero Trust Networking

Zero trust security is a comprehensive approach that applies regardless of whether your network is on-premises, in the cloud, or a mix of both. While it was originally designed to prevent attackers from moving laterally by isolating applications, zero trust has since evolved into an architecture that provides protection at every point of contact in the network.

Multi-tenant Security in the Cloud

Multi-tenancy architecture offers more than just cost efficiency for your organization. It provides significant advantages to customers and end-users. However, there are potential risks, especially concerning security, that must be taken into consideration. Continue reading to discover more about multi-tenancy, its advantages, and security considerations to bear in mind.