Cloud Application Development

Keep innovating by implementing scalable hosting and integrated delivery practices into your cloud applications.

Cloudster collaborates closely with organizations to adopt the right cloud applications, DevOps practices, and mindsets to become truly cloud-native. We help refresh your application portfolio with greenfield, existing, and lighthouse applications to deliver new value.

Our cloud application consultants work with your teams to tackle application-level challenges in adopting the cloud. We offer rapid, integrated delivery and diverse development skills to create efficient and valuable user and customer experiences, regardless of the size of your organization.


Expert Modernization

Cloudster's Expert Modernization service provides your organization with valuable insights and an actionable plan to modernize your IT portfolio. Our automated platform, utilizes advanced AI/ML algorithms to analyze your entire IT infrastructure and determine the most intelligent modernization approach. With over a decade of experience in cloud native technology, our expert delivery teams customize modernization recommendations and accelerate execution to help you maximize the benefits of the cloud in the shortest possible time.

Application Strategy Workshop

Cloudster’s Application Strategy Workshop is the perfect starting point for organizations looking to modernize their applications. This four-week engagement, led by a Cloud Software Architect and a team of experts, consists of a series of remote and on-site sessions designed to identify technical and business challenges and understand the requirements of all stakeholders, including application owners, users, infrastructure, security, and compliance teams.


Serverless Architecture Services

Cloudster's Serverless Architecture Services enable your organization to embrace cloud-native application development by quickly deploying a serverless proof-of-concept application that incorporates industry best practices. Our team of cloud specialists will assist you in exploring, experimenting, and adopting cloud-native services, demonstrating the benefits of serverless architecture services, including flexible scaling, automated high availability, serverless management, and cost savings.

Kubernetes Launchpad

Cloudster's Kubernetes Launchpad is an all-in-one software and services package that enables your enterprise to quickly and easily adopt cloud-native application development. With this package, you'll get a ready-to-manage DevOps platform and a modernized application, complete with resources to upskill your team for future modernization cycles. By exploring and experimenting with cloud-native services, you can unlock innovation within your organization and take advantage of funding programs offered by cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.