Cloud Data & Analytics

Leverage the potential of data to enhance customer experiences and drive informed business decisions.

Data is a valuable asset that drives the growth of every enterprise. At Cloudster, we help you optimize your data through our cloud data and analytics solutions. Our services enable you to access crucial insights with minimal cost and friction.

Our team of cloud data professionals can guide you through modernizing legacy platforms on the cloud, accelerating innovation through machine learning, and setting your business on the right path to achieve your goals, meet KPIs, and disrupt the market with innovative digital products and customer experiences.



Cloudster's DataOps services empower organizations to transform their data into actionable insights. Our flexible engagement model is designed to quickly transform your data services, making it available for use in BI, ML, and product scenarios. Our approach emphasizes self-service and enables your in-house talent to leverage the systems we build to capture and generate value from data insights. We believe in empowering your organization to unlock the full potential of your data.

Database and Data Warehouse Migration

Cloudster offers assistance to organizations looking to transition from costly, sluggish on-premise technologies to a secure, cloud-native data platform. Our services focus on modernizing your data warehouse, enabling advanced analytics capabilities with machine learning and supporting decision-making with artificial intelligence. With our cloud-agnostic approach, we facilitate a seamless migration to a cloud platform, leveraging our expertise in both cloud and data best practices to help you unlock the full potential of data within your organization.


Cloud Native Data Lakes

With Cloudster's Data Lake service, your organization can maximize the value of its data by providing business users with advanced business intelligence and analytics capabilities. By focusing on essential competencies such as data ingestion, storage, processing, analysis, and governance, exploration, and visualization, your organization can quickly achieve cost savings, operational resilience, and business agility. Utilizing our cloud-native and cloud-agnostic approach, along with our extensive cloud expertise, you can initiate or enhance your data lake strategy with confidence.

Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Cloudster’s Machine Learning (ML) solutions enable your organization to leverage advanced data and analytics through tangible and relevant ML use-cases. Our ML consulting services offer expert guidance in algorithm development and ML operations implementation, reducing time-to-value and minimizing risks. Additionally, our ML model factory assists in scaling out ML models. Our focus on technology, people, and processes, combined with best practice knowledge of the cloud and data, transforms the way data is used within your enterprise, future-proofing your business.